As we receive more inquiries, it may take more time to respond. Please forgive the inconvenience. We certainly try to answer important concerns as quickly as we can.

    I received a tracking link and my order is marked as completed. So where is my order?
    Don’t worry, your order is not lost. Since we are in the process of expanding our stock in Germany and have larger orders from USA to receive and process from acousticsounds, we prepare the shipping before the goods arrives as much as possible to not to delay the deliver process any longer.
    This means: we create the shipping label, add the tracking link to your order and pack your order as soon as the shipment has been processed by our shop in Germany. At this moment you will receive your link. This time frame can take up to 3-5 business days. Therefore, we ask for a little patience, during the process of the orders we drop-off packages every evening to UPS.

    Please check our shipping policy: Until we have set up the stock in Germany (our store recent as you know) the process takes one to three weeks. We create large orders in USA for you on Weekly bases. The delivery time depends of course on the following factors:
    Are the records has been shipped to Germany from USA?
    Is there any delays at customs?

    You can check your delivery status in your account:

    Processing = We have received your paid order and will process your order as soon as we receive the goods from America.

    Prepared for Shipping / Second Batch... = We expect your records soon / we already have them and are in the process of finalizing and shipping your order.

    We will do our best to process your order as soon as possible. If there is a problem with the delivery, we will of course contact you.

    Please send us your order number and what you would like to change. We will contact you and send a payment link of the difference amount. If you want to cancel a order / record, we will send you the money back. Please keep in mind, if the record is not yet in stock with us in Germany, the delivery time will be extended by 7-10 business days.

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